Birthbonds - Mission and Vision

In the last 20 years the technology and specialization has made a quantum leap. What does that mean for the age old art of child bearing and childrearing?

Has conception, gestation and birth upgraded to a new platform?

Have babies been upgraded in their functioning or needs?

Nest hopes to bring forth and interest in BIRTH 2018 Edition.

I’ll be the first to say that intrinsically conception, gestation and birth have not changed much. The elegance of nature’s design is that it is dynamic process and continues to seek fruition. BIRTH 2018 Edition has a two-fold purpose.

  • To understand the framework platform of birth, the anatomy and physiology.
  • To appreciate the innate intelligence of the software to adapt

I believe with this understanding most people will experience their parenthood journey as something that they are present to rather than events happening to them.

It seems that we have begun to view a intrinsic default ability as something that needs to be controlled and managed by experts. Nature has a design that is sophisticated …multi faceted…multidimensional… adaptable…complex and best of all, has ease of use.

Our understanding that this process is not outside of us but is finely integrated to our very being will allow us to appreciate and participate in the bringing of our children into being but also give us an opportunity to shapes our self as parents.

What if,

  • mother’s are the true experts on babies?
  • women are designed bear and rear babies?
  • humans thrive in positive social interaction?

The human blueprint is inspirited in each one of us as we incarnate into this form and that wisdom resides in the very core of us.

And while there is much merit to all the information we get there are only two questions that I find are worth pursuing.

  1. What does this mean?

Explain to me what is. Most of the knowledge is transferable. Most people are able to grasp a basic understanding of most things. For example, do you know how your car functions or your heart? Yes of course. Can you repair or treat them? No, but you surely know when they need help and where to get it from.

  1. What does this mean to me?

As you understand the issues, each one of you is capable of making a decision of which option is best for you in that moment. That is the best anyone can ask for.

In my nearly 20 years of working with expectant families, not only have I found the above to be true but also, by taking this approach I find the parents to be more open, resourceful, flexible and most of all available for the baby. And in all cases, I have babies who benefit from the parents confidence and attention.

In this blog I hope to not only bring new and relevant research, information and resources but also a platform to interact, discuss, and listen to parents and babies voices. The two question being the framework of function, I strive, through Birthbonds, to bring childbirth and parenting back into the realm of those who it affects the most... Babies and parents.