Doula Training

The Doula Collective Training Initiative 

Many years ago while answering the question what Doulas do, I had jokingly said that I am professionally trained to be personal. Little did I know that this was the indeed the truth – birth rests on the foundation of trust, connection, safety emotions and all these are personal. The art
is to stride this deeply personal work with utmost professional integrity, best effort, knowledge and intention.

Doulas serve women, babies and families. I have used the word ‘serve’ with great deliberation and the doula-training course I bring to you offers to you the ability to understand the technical and make it simple and personal for the families you serve.

The training is divided in three distinct stages (pun intended). This is a broad outline; each stage subhead is further divided into specific modules

Seminar 1
1. Understanding of anatomy and physiology of birth
2. Are all intervention made equal!
3. Doula skills and tools

Through and after this stage, as you feel confident, you can offer your services to expectant families and begin to put your knowledge to use. We then bring back these experiences to deepen the understanding in the next seminar

Seminar 2
1. Passing through the pelvis – the story of the mother
2. Creating safety -offering resources to be in charge
3. The wisdom of listening – filters of art, stories, experiences, and culture

Seminar 3
1. The sentient being – introduction to the world of babies’ pre-birth and newborn period
2. The doula effect – importance of presence (touch and words)
3. Support = getting on the same page (work that goes into a birth preference)

After the 3 seminars, I recommend enrolling for The Fourth Stage. Like the postpartum period our Immersion program with a midwife (optional) opens up the world of labour support in a gentle environment that is cohesive to the woman’s needs in birth.

 Initiative Advantage
1. You can pursue this course at your own pace and from your own home.
2. You can begin working as soon as you feel confdent and build on it as you go
3. You have continuous interaction with mentors, professionals and other doulas as you go along. Modeling support, other qualities that are inherent for doula work helps learning at a fundamental level.
4. You learn skills to prepare for birth, which are beyond the neo cortex – art, hypnosis etc.
5. No recertification fees

Learning Pathways
a. Study materials
b. Resources online
c. Online classroom
d. Mentoring

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